Winton Woods Achievement Boosters celebrate success of SAT prep course

The Winton Woods Achievement Boosters, Inc. concluded its successful SAT test prep course with a March 17th closing ceremony at the Forest Park Senior Center. Students were awarded certificates for successfully completing the 6-week program, and they and their families were treated to pizza and refreshments.

The Winton Woods Achievement Boosters offered the SAT prep course, and all related materials including an SAT prep book and study binder, completely free of charge to interested students in 9th to 11th grades.  Weekly three-hour classes were held on Sunday afternoons in February and March in the training room of the Forest Park Fire Department.  The classes were taught by Ms. Chelsea Nuss, Director of The STEM Lab, who also developed the curriculum for the course.

The SAT prep course was the most recent project of the Winton Woods Achievement Boosters, an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered with the state of Ohio, not under the jurisdiction of the Winton Woods City School District. Its mission is to raise student achievement, to recognize and support student scholars and their teachers, and to tap community strengths to provide a foundation for student achievement.

To gauge the success of the program, the students took a full-length SAT pre-test before beginning the course and then a full-length SAT post-test at the conclusion of the course.  Nine students completed the course, and data was collected on eight of the nine.  (One student began the course after the pre-test had been administered, so there was no pre-test data on that student.)  Of the eight students who took both the pre-test and the post-test, seven of the students raised their total SAT scores, with an average gain of 50 points per student.  There was a direct correlation between attendance in the classes and gains on the SAT post-test; the better the attendance, the greater the gains.

The great success of the program has inspired the Winton Woods Achievement Boosters to offer this program again in the future. To be added to the mailing list to receive information on the next free SAT prep course, please e-mail a request to or send a message to WWAB on their Facebook page at

The next public meeting of the Winton Woods Achievement Boosters is scheduled for Sunday, June 30th at 4 pm at Shooters Sports Grill in Forest Park.  The meeting is open to the public, and anyone interested in joining WWAB or in learning more about the organization is invited to attend. 

WWAB SAT students 2019-03-17

Nine students successfully completed the SAT prep course sponsored by the Winton Woods Achievement Boosters.  L to R: Nico Prentosito, Samba Sy, Joél Palmore, DJ Hooten, Chelsea Nuss (instructor), Iba Sy, Jasmine Johnson, Jeffrey Evans, Miranda Johnson.  (Not pictured: Paige Adams)

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