Introduction. From its beginning in 2015, the focus of the Winton Woods Achievement Boosters intentionally differed from the Athletic Boosters and the Performing Arts Boosters. They have historically focused on activities—sports and performing arts—that, many times, do not turn out to provide all who participate with a lifetime career platform. Many students who lack these interests and even those who have these interests, but prefer other career platforms, are left out. Students seeking careers in fields other than sports or performing arts need other options This is the niche Winton Woods Achievement Boosters, Inc, aspires to fill. The history began as follows.

Tutoring. WWAB volunteering in the district began in February 2016 with kindergarten and 1st grade student tutoring in math by two members at the WW Primary North Elementary School. Typical was once-a-week tutoring in 12 two-hour sessions with three students for 20 minutes each, resulting in 144 tutor-student contact hours. Five volunteers came forward in 2017, resulting in a total of 330 student-tutor contact hours. The same year, two classroom aides met with teachers inside their classrooms for two or three hours once a week, for 16 weeks, resulting in a total of 163.6 assistant availability opportunities per week per teacher. In 2018, K-2 math and reading tutoring was provided by five volunteers meeting for 13-15 weeks, again resulting in over 300 student-tutor contact hours. Classroom assistance continued as the year before.

SAT Training. In July of 2018, however, the WWAB Board elected to explore the school board’s interest in having their high school students provided SAT Prep training by our organization. We thought this would contribute more directly to student achievement than primary level tutoring. We offered to provide the training free of charge and, since the district itself was unable to afford it, our offer was accepted in principle, conditioned on the preparation of a plausible plan of action. WWAB issued a request for a proposal to two vendors to create a plan for Winton Woods.


A vendor was chosen in October and we inaugurated our first SAT Prep training in January of 2019 for the Class whose picture is shown above. We conducted the second series of classes over Christmas Break for the group whose picture is shown below. Both classes were led by Ms. Chelsea Clark, a project coordinator in the Cincinnati Public School district and the Executive Director of Docere4Parents, a private business she founded for early childhood STEM education. For both classes, all training materials, including an SAT prep book and study binder, were provided completely free of charge, paid for entirely by booster dues, contributions and donations from private individuals and philanthropic corporations.

To gauge the success of the training, students took a full-length SAT pre-test before starting classes and a full-length SAT post-test afterwards. Four of the nine post-test scores in the first class were >1000, averaging 1039 overall, out of a maximum of 1600. The average per-student gain from pre- to post-test was 50 points. Five of the seven post-test scores in the second class were >1000, averaging 1027 overall. The average per-student gain from pre- to post-test was 43 points. These are significant accomplishments relative to previous WWCSD results.

Assets. The free use of the Fire Department Training Room throughout 2019 was required to be reported to the IRS as “Public Support” in the form of “services or facilities furnished by a governmental unit to the organization without charge.” The value attached to this is $1,500. This substantial support by the City of Forest Park gave us the confidence and assurance to “keep up the good work.”

Our financial assets at the end of 2020, augmented in May by a $4,625 grant from the Duke Energy Foundation, enable us to think that in 2021 we can afford to rent high school space, pay the salary of an Instructor, and purchase the supplies and materials that as many as 20 students would need. In addition to monetary and In Kind contributions from friends of the program, we have two steady cash revenue streams. These are the Total Quality Logistics Matching Gift Program (with donations from two of that company’s full-time employees) and the Kroger Family of Stores Community Rewards Program (with four households participating).

Entering our sixth year as a nonprofit, our General Fund now amounts to $6,558.62.

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