In an effort recognize and support academic standards in the Winton Woods School District, the WW Achievement Boosters was formed in early 2016 by a board of nine community members with ties to the Winton Woods School District who wanted to help boost academic achievement in the district. 

We are an independent group that is not part of the district administration, made up of alumni, parents, teachers, and community members, and our mission is “to help the Winton Woods School District raise student achievement, to recognize and support our student scholars and their teachers, and to tap community strengths to provide a foundation for student achievement.” 

As an independent registered 501 (c) (3), we believe our goals are in full alignment with the district’s own mission: To actively engage and challenge all learners to reach their maximum potential.  

In 2017, we began a math tutoring program at Primary North with four tutors. The next school year, we tripled our community volunteers for this building.

We have visited many churches in the district with the intention of connecting their volunteers with our program.

Ensuring we provide the best quality resources, we have compiled test data to track trends in response to student needs, with help from teachers and Primary North’s administrative staff.

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