Suesann E Sepela, President

I graduated from Forest Park High School in 1980 which was more than 10 years before Greenhills and Forest Park combined (1991). Even though there were two separate schools with a friendly rivalry, we played sports together, we went to church together, we went to parties together. Now that it is 40 years later and I’m well into my 50’s, when I run into a friend from Greenhills, I still bring up Forest Park’s dominance (in a friendly way, of course).

I am on the WWAB Board because I believe in the school system and their values and I believe that through education, all things are possible.

For over 20 years, I worked for Miami University Regionals as a director of programs that I designed to support students who are the first in their family to go to college and who are very often, paying for school out of their own pocket. I saw firsthand that even the most dedicated and bright students can get sidetracked, often by obstacles that with a little support, might be easily overcome.

Mary Oden, First Vice President

Picture of Mary Oden

Mary has been a Forest Park resident since June, 1978. Her son and two grandsons attended Winton Woods Elementary schools. She served at one time as an after-school Math and Science Program Tutor in the Winton Woods schools and remains engaged in many activities that provide support to the students, families, and teachers.

Mary serves on the Winton Woods Achievement Boosters Board to continue to support current and future academic needs of the students attending Winton Woods Schools. Her efforts are aimed at providing students with information that will assist them achieve success in their educational efforts.

Mary is now retired from her position as Associate Medical Center Director for Education/ Designated Learning Officer/ Designated Education Officer at the Veterans Affairs Medial Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, where she was employed from 1972 to 2015.

Brandon H Wiers, Treasurer

I am a former member of the WW Board of Education (2010-12), a former mentor of high school students and tutor of primary school students, and co-founder and Board member of Winton Woods Achievement Boosters, Inc. (2015-Present). Additionally, I served on the Forest Park City Council for nine years (1976-85), the last six years as mayor.

My interest in this Achievement Boosters group results from a longstanding commitment to helping students who might be from economically disadvantaged families (such as I came from myself) to succeed. I grew up in a single parent household but was able to qualify for a doctorate degree in computational chemistry. This makes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs a place where I might make a contribution.

I am a retired (1997) Procter and Gamble Research & Development bench chemist, later a university grant program manager. My wife, Patti, and I are parents of three biological children who graduated from district schools (’79, ’81, and ’82) plus two guardian-ees who graduated from district schools (’81 and ’89).

Rick Johnson, Second Vice President

I have one remaining daughter enrolled in the Winton Woods School district and three daughters who are alumni of the district.  I am an active member of Quinn Chapel AME Church in Forest Park where I serve as a Steward and Sunday School Superintendent.REPORT THIS AD

I am a member of the Board because I am committed to help provide resources to improve and highlight the academic performance of the students in the district.  I have been a resident of Forest Park for 17 years. My spouse is Stephanie and we have four daughters who are extremely active in extracurricular activities. Our three oldest daughters were members of the Winton Woods band and cheerleading squads.  Our youngest daughter is active in band and a variety of clubs in the Winton School District. I have over 20 years of experience as an HR Professional at OPW (Ohio Pattern Works), a subsidiary of Dover Company.

Fatima Penda Sy, At-Large Board Member

I am connected to the Winton Woods School District because my children all attended Winton Woods from preschool to high school. One of my sons graduated last year (Class of 2020) and is now in college. My other son will graduate form high school this year.

I am on the Board because I believe in our system of education and because it’s through education that we can reach our goals. So, whatever we can do to help students be successful during their years from kindergarten to high school is important.  

To explain a little about me, I am a Registered Nurse and I graduated in 2010 with an associate’s degree then with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Nursing from Ohio University.  I have been working at the UC Medical Center as a registered nurse since 2012. Prior to that, I worked at Children’s Hospital. My husband, Assane, and I both immigrated from Senegal and are no United States citizens.

Richard Bedford, At-Large Board Member

I am a 1994 Winton Wood graduate. I’ve lived in the community since I was in the 3rd grade, aside from going to college in Columbus, Ohio, where I earned my Associate’s degree in Computer Science and my bachelors in Business Administration at DeVry University. Over the last 17 years I have owned and operated several businesses in this wonderful community. One of these is Custom Computer Factory and another is Park Place Restaurant.

I joined the Board because I value our community and the Winton Woods City School system. Education is the key to better our community. So, it is important for me to help foster education within our community.

I have a daughter who graduated from WW in 2019 and a son who will soon graduate from WW as well. My son is involved in several WW extracurricular activates. I am proud to say I have mentored and/or employed several WW students and graduates over the last 17 years.

Paula Kuhn, At-Large Board Member

I am a life-time resident of our community, growing up in Forest Park, graduating from Forest Park High School in 1979, and living in Greenhills for 38 years. My husband, Jim, and I raised our four children in this community and are also proud grandparents to six. 

As a school district parent since 1987, I have volunteered for many community and school groups to strengthen and enhance programs for the benefit of our communities’ children. Having served in multiple leadership roles including President for WWC PTA, Performing Arts Boosters and Winton Woods Educational Foundation, it has been my privilege and joy to advocate for our school district’s students’ academic, athletic and social achievements.

Additionally, as a former member of the WW Board of Education, my reason to join the Winton Woods Achievement Board is simply to champion educational opportunities that broaden the scope of success for our communities’ children. I strongly believe education is the great economic equalizer for families and their children. Communities who foster this ideal will benefit from the next generation of thriving, productive individuals.   

Professionally, I have worked in the Pharmaceutical industry in sales over the past 34 years, the last 20 years as the Sales Manager managing 20 salespeople and supporting staff.