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From the left: Samba and Ibrahima Sy

We are pleased to announce that three of the May 2020 graduates of Winton Woods High School–Jasmine Johnson, Joe’l Palmore, and Ibrahima Sy–and four of the 2021 graduates—Paige Adams, Derek Hooten, Jr., Nicolantonio (Nico) Prentosito, and Samba Sy—who attended WWAB’s first series of classes (February – March 2019) received Honors Diplomas. Seven of eight former WWAB students who graduated the last two years received Honors Diplomas. Moreover, one of the 2021 WW graduates, Nico Prentosito, was the senior class Valedictorian and recognized as a National Merit Scholar, the first in over 20 years. All the students have been accepted in colleges of their choice, with scholarship support. The training in study habits provided in our SAT Prep classes and the association with other serious students seems to have been of significant benefit to all participants. The two Sy brothers, shown below, will both be going to the University of Dayton, starting August 20.

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Looking Forward

Looking Forward

SAT Prep classes this coming academic year will return to the original format. The year will begin with an Open House  10:00 - 11:100 am Saturday, Oct. 9 in the Community Room at the Parkdale Public Library in Forest Park at 655 Waycross Road (at the intersection with...



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