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SAT Prep classes this coming academic year will return to the original format. The year will begin with an Open House  10:00 – 11:100 am Saturday, Oct. 9 in the Community Room at the Parkdale Public Library in Forest Park at 655 Waycross Road (at the intersection with Sharon Road) to acquaint parents and prospective students with the nature of the course. A Practice Pre-test will be given a week later, followed by four once-a-week three-hour instructional sessions. These will be followed by a Practice Post-test in late November in time to prepare students for the December 4 College Board official SAT test.
Parents will be asked to provide the Study Guide shown below for the students who register. It is available from a variety of suppliers at 50% or more discount from the original list price of $29.99 because it is a version from a prior year. This will reduce operating costs as will a change of vendors that is being planned.
Upon registration, students will be provided a syllabus indicating study assignments for each instructional session, an improvement from previous training classes.
Assistance in publicizing the course will be provided by Community and Public Engagement Coordinator Corina Denny and Dr. Tamra Ragland, Director of Teaching and Learning Grades 7-12. Improvement in the WWAB website will be accomplished by hiring a Webmaster.

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