Task Force

Task Force Options
Where Volunteer Effort is Needed

Each Task Force will have a Board member liaison and one or more volunteer advisors*. A place will be reserved on agendas of each Board meeting to receive Task Force reports. The Task Forces will be assessed after one year and terminated unless the task merits continuation.

Please email wwachievementboosters@gmail.com to become involved with the Winton Woods Achievement Boosters.

Alumni Achievement Recognition Task Force:

Listing graduates with national/international acclaim to promote the district

– Dorothy Fraembs, Advisor

Parent & Community Networking Task Force:

Building communication channels for parents and citizens-at-large to control rumors and misinformation

– Angela Knighten, Advisor

English & Math Syllabus Preparation Task Force:

Preparation of Barron’s Study Guide-based syllabuses for up-grading course offerings

– Eloise Richardson, Advisor

Ballot Issue Campaign Task Force:

Reversing history of five failed Operating Levies since 2020, to get the district’s teachers and Administrators back on track

– Lora Wolke, Advisor

District Income & Expense Messaging Task Force:

Making obscure millage obligations and expenditure commitments clear to the public

– Hugh McCullough, Advisor