Winton Woods Achievement Boosters SAT Prep

WWCSD Commitments:

• Classroom space free of charge to WWAB for all
students, including those needing special
• Publicity via One Call (administered by Dr. Tamra
Ragland, Exec. Dir. Teaching & Learning, 7-12)

WWAB Commitments:

• Barron’s study guides & tote bags for all students
• Administration of a Diagnostic Test to start the
training and a Practice test at the end to warm
up for the August official College Board SAT
• Five classes of in-person instruction
• Healthy snacks for all breaks in tests and classes
• Assistance getting College Board accounts for all
• Registration fee (In Kind) for all students who wish
to register for the August official SAT

Parent requests:

• Transportation of students to and from the North
• Membership in the WWAB @ $10.00

Student requests:

• Regular attendance and punctuality at each class
• Homework as requested by the instructor
• Cell phones collected/put away during class

Tentative 2023 SAT Prep Class Schedule


Success Stories

The first pictures our five 2022 students with a graduate of the Class of 2021 on the right, who served as proctor for the final “Practice Test” of the program (Aug. 20). The total for the initial “Diagnostic Test” (July 16) was typically lower than the final test by an average of 92 points.

One of the students went on to take the College Board SAT test Aug. 27 and added another 40 points to the “Practice Test” score, which was 50 points above the “Diagnostic Test” score, showing the benefit of the WWAB program and what practice can accomplish.

Comparison Scores