Achievement Boosters

From its beginning in 2015 the focus of the Winton Woods Achievement Boosters differed from the Athletic Boosters and the Performing Arts Boosters, organizations that focus on activities—sports and performing arts—that, many times, do not turn out to provide all who participate with a lifetime career platform. Many students who lack these interests and even those who have these interests, but prefer other career platforms, are left out. Students seeking careers in fields other than sports or performing arts need other options This is the Winton Woods Achievement Boosters, Inc. niche.

SAT Prep Sessions

Want to improve your SAT score?

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 Many colleges use SAT scores to determine admission and scholarships. The Winton Woods City School District, in partnership with the Winton Woods Achievement Boosters, will provide in-person SAT prep classes. Please join us!


Saturday, July 10 – 4 pm to 6pm  - OPEN HOUSE for parents and students grades 8 - 11

Program explanation and enrollment

Tentative Course Schedule:

Saturday, July 16 — 8:30 to noon – SAT pre-test

Saturday, July 23 – 9:30 to noon – English Instruction

Saturday, July 30 – 9:30 to noon – English Instruction

Saturday, August 6 – 9:30 to noon – Math  Instruction

Saturday, August 13 – 9:30 to noon – Math  Instruction

Wednesday, August 10— 8:30 to noon - SAT post-test

Classes will be in the same classroom as the Open House.

Participation is limited to the first 25 students registered with priority given to Winton Woods students.

Classes will be held in Room 1756.

accessed through the side door, No. 27.


All instructional and practice test sessions will comply with the WWCSD COVID-19 pandemic mitigation protocol.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali took the June 2021 College Board SAT test as a 10th grader and scored 900. She attended all six April - May WWAB sessions, one of only two students who did. She plans to take the SAT again, hoping to get an even better score. Nadia plays violin in the...

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

SAT Prep classes this coming academic year will return to the original format. The year will begin with an Open House  10:00 - 11:100 am Saturday, Oct. 9 in the Community Room at the Parkdale Public Library in Forest Park at 655 Waycross Road (at the intersection with...

2020/21 Academic Year

2020/21 Academic Year

Left to right: WWAB Treasurer Brandon Wiers. Javeon Walker, Tia Griggs, Jaeden Walker, Nadia Ali, Eric Durazno, Gabby Hall, WWAB President Sue Sepela. Missing: C. J. Gallen Due to Covid-19, the City of Forest Park closed its offices to the public in March 2020,...

Looking Back

Looking Back

From the left: Samba and Ibrahima Sy We are pleased to announce that three of the May 2020 graduates of Winton Woods High School--Jasmine Johnson, Joe’l Palmore, and Ibrahima Sy--and four of the 2021 graduates—Paige Adams, Derek Hooten, Jr., Nicolantonio (Nico)...

My Child is No Longer Motivated

My Child is No Longer Motivated

What Students Are Saying About ‘Learning Loss’ During the Pandemic We invited teenagers to weigh in on a current debate in education. They supplied some important nuance. Research shows many young children have fallen behind in reading and math over the past year. But...

Virtual or In-Person Learning

Virtual or In-Person Learning

With ever-changing landscapes and new global challenges, educators and learners around the world have had to adapt. In this new era, connecting with friends and family had to happen over WhatsApp, FaceTime, or Zoom, and so education has followed suit. There’s no...

Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety

Is it possible to overcome test anxiety? Answer From Craig N. Sawchuk, Ph.D., L.P. Several strategies can reduce test anxiety and increase your performance on test day. A little nervousness before a test is normal and can help sharpen your mind and focus your...

Special Accommodations for Testing Environment

Special Accommodations for Testing Environment

Testing Accommodations Standardized examinations and other high-stakes tests are gateways to educational and employment opportunities. Whether seeking admission to a high school, college, or graduate program, or attempting to obtain a professional license or...

How to Apply for Scholarships

How to Apply for Scholarships

Free money for college — sounds like the dream, right? It may seem too good to be true, but billions of dollars in scholarships and grants are handed out to college students each year. To score some for yourself, all you need to know is how to apply! The great thing...

Why We Do It

Family Support

Family support plays an important role in every aspect of a child’s experience.


School Events


Community Support

The digital age calls for greater support within the community so that families feel safe.



Neighbors and Volunteers

Education Support

Online learning is no longer a fad. It is here to stay. Students, parents, and faculty are adjusting.

Remove or reduce distractions

Ask questions

Designate space and time

No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.

– Jerome Singer