Class of 2023

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Jul 22, 2023

2023 Graduated Students

Ellis Richards and his father Keith Richards

Beryl Mwenze and her mother Suzanne Beleke

Andrew Escobedo and his parents Sheila Muñiz and Remedios Escobedo

Khadidiatou Dia Diouf and her mother Ndeye Jacine Diouf

Zoe Gibson, her mother Rebecca, father Savon Sr., and two siblings, Amari and Savon Jr.

July 22, 2023 Sat Prep Graduation Ceremony People in Attendance

SAT Prep students Andrew Escobedo and both his parents, Beryl Mwenze and her mother, Ellis Richards and his father, Khadidiatou Dia Diouf and her mother, Zoe Gibson and her two siblings and mother and father (the entire family) attended the Graduation Ceremony, captured in photos taken by Mr. Will McGriff.
All students were presented Certificates of Achievement and a gift bag of mementos. Angela Knighten gave opening remarks, WWAB President Rick Johnson complimented the student and presented the certificates. They were called forward by Instructor Mr. Clyde Plank, who was also photographed with students upon request.
Three students and their parents were absent, but all will have an opportunity next time around.

Class of 2023 SAT Prep Graduation Ceremony

  • Welcome—Angela Knighten, MSW, LSW—ESC Enrollment and Family Services Coordinator
  • Sat Prep Background—Brandon Wiers, B. S., Ph. D.—Winton Woods Achievement Boosters co-founder and current Treasurer
  • Diploma Awards—Rick Johnson, B.S., MHRM, Winton Woods Achievement Boosters President
  • Class members—Clyde Plank, B.A., Ohio Teacher Certificate, SAT Prep Numeracy and Literacy Instructor
  • Special Student and School District Recognition—Brandon Wiers
  • Class Picture—Will McGriff, B.S., Winton Woods Achievement Boosters Photographer.

July 22, 2023 Sat Prep Graduation Ceremony Background Remarks

by Brandon Wiers, B. S., Ph. D. (Winton Woods Achievement Boosters co-founder and current Treasurer)

This is the first year that . . .

  • Our graduation ceremony was held at the Hamilton County Educational Service and Head Start Program Center (courtesy Enrollment & Family Service Coordinator Angela Knighten)
  • Our training curriculum had a Math diagnostic test, four Math, and two English—a total of 7—sessions
  • We had a single Instructor for six sessions using syllabuses he created from Barron’s SAT Study Guide
  • We focused on specific Numeracy and Literacy skills, specified in a printed program along with pictures of students
  • Two One Call messages were emailed to parents and students by Dr. Tamra Ragland, Teaching & Learning
  • We had two 7th, two 8th, one 9th , three 10th and one 12th grade student in our classes at the same time
  • All 3 rooms Supt. Smith provided rent-free were used–a classroom and two one-on-one tutoring rooms
  • We had our own photographer for family and other group photos taken at the graduation ceremony.

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